Essenza – The Essence of Motorcycles
Pure bikes. No dragsters. Two wheels. Two cylinders. Maximum 1200 cc. These are the key facts of the most exciting sprint challenge in 2017.

Usually in 1/8 mile sprints, DIY mechanics, hobby racers and small racing teams compete against each other. Head to head, the loser is kicked out. A familiar concept. The new sprint series Essenza goes one step further. Essenza calls the motorcycle manufacturers and importers into the arena. BMW vs. Indian. Battling with Kawasaki, Suzuki and Triumph. Essenza is looking for a direct comparison of the motorcycle manufacturer and the talented independent teams – a couple of motorsports enthusiasts and custom motorcycle builders who join this professional league. In total: 16 motorcycles.

With a maximum of two cylinders and no more than 1200 cc displacement. The 1/8 mile sprints will take place twice this year: 10 – 11 June at the Caferacer Festival Montlhery in France and on 1 – 3 September at Glemseck 101 in Leonberg. All participants design their vehicles in cooperation with popular bike builders to create individual puristic pieces. The 16 bikes will also enter a design competition: judged by a professional jury and by the public. Eventually, there will be two winners at Essenza: the fastest motorcycle and the best designed bike.

The Sprint. The rules are archaic. Everyone has the same opportunities. But too slow means kicked out.

All Essenza bikes must meet the criteria of the sprint series. The rules are simple, but efficient. This ensures equal opportunity for everyone. Each motorcycle must be powered by an engine with no more than two cylinders. The maximum displacement is 1200 cc. Trikes and quads are not eligible. The vehicle can only have two wheels. No wheelie bars or extended swing arms permitted. There are no restrictions to the outer design of the motorcycle.

The races will take place at Caferacer Festival Montlhery in France and Glemseck 101 in Leonberg. 16 pre-registered participants are eligible. They start on a dead straight, paved 1/8 mile (200 meters) long strip. The sprints are decided in a knockout of two starters. The race will be held at both, Montlhery and Glemseck 101. Winners are the highest ranked participants from both sprints.


Caféracer Festival Montlhery

Glemseck 101


The Design. The design competition is not about a tenth of a second. What counts are the best looks.

The design competition is not about a tenth of a second. What counts are the best looks. On top of their performance, all participating Essenza bikes will also be judged in terms of their design. The motorcycles can be seen live at the Caferacer Festival Montlhery and at Glemseck 101  – gathered at the Essenza booth ot the stands of the owners. Between the two events, the 16 custom motorcycles will take part in a design competition, judged by a professional jury and by the public.

In the public voting, everyone can vote for his or her favorite. The professional jury consists of journalists, customizers and designers. Both votes are counted 50/50 for the final evaluation. And who knows how much Essenza will contribute to the future production of series motorcycles.


The Events. Two important events for a thrilling sprint.

The 1/8 mile sprint starts at two high-end events. First step takes place on 10 – 11 June 2017, at the open-air grounds of the Caferacer Festival Montlhery in France. Between authentic paddock athomosphere and breathtaking steep turn the Essenza races will be one of the highlights. By the way: The Caferacer Festival is located just 30 kms from the vibrant city of Paris.

A few weeks later, we enter the next round. On 3 September at the Solitude Racetrack in Leonberg as part of Glemseck 101, the largest multi-brand and type-independent motorcycle open-air festival in Germany. Like last year the Essenza runs are considerd to be the climax of the sprint races taking place at Glemseck 101.