Cafe Racer Festival Montlhéry

10 to 11 June 2017

The first round of the Essenza 1/8 mile sprint starts on 10 to 11 June 2017, at the open-air grounds of the Caferacer Festival Montlhéry in France. The Essenza races will take place on sunday, 11 june at 1.45 p.m.
Since 1924 the racetrack 24 kms from the vibrant city of Paris and close to the towns of Linas and Montlhéry attracted a great number of pioneers of speed and their fast record vehicles. Since then racing activities had never stopped. Between authentic paddock athomosphere and breathtaking steep turn the Essenza races will be one of the highlights of Caferacer Festival.


No clouds in the sky, highly motivated spectators, the mood one of sheer euphoria. No question, Cafe Racer Festival creates an atmosphere wich matches Essenza – The Essence of Motorcycles. When all starters gather at the Autodrome on sunday everybody can feel adreneline is real. Next to the grandstand Motoism and Kingston Custom start for the first sprint of 2017. Motoizms Honda GL500 puts on a brave show but was beaten by the fast BMW of Dirk Oehlerking. An unsuccessful take-off of the Kawasaki SuperSys lets Seven Motors’ Guzzi win. And the N.O.S. sprint racer of Radical Guzzi crosses the line second agains The Reunion‘s Triumph Thruxton R. As mentioned the little Kawa 400 of Gaetan Pilaud needs double the time as Cafe Racer’s Triumph but has the way to be the audience darling. The official Suzuki V-Strom wins against Workhorse’s BMW RnineT, but the works BMW R 1200 R by VTR Customs overtakes the rough Buell of Impossiblegarage. Indians powerful “Miracle Mike” holds a clear lead over Intermot’s Yamaha XV 950 built by WalzWerk. White Card rider FCR Original is initiated automatically.


In quarter-final the Guzzi of Seven Motors beats the Turbo-BMW of Kingston Custom, the thruxton battle decides Cafe Racer in their favour against The Reunion. Mellow Motorcycles Suzuki works racer passes the VTR Customs BMW R 1200 R, FCR’s Triumph does not have much of a chance against the rapid Indian Scout.


In the semi-finals, the Cafe Racer Triumph and the Indian win, beating Seven Motors and Mellow Motorcycles’ V-Strom mercilessly. But the official Suzuki bike awarded a well-deserved third place. Jerome Savary’s Triumph finished second and the overall winner of the first Essenza sprint is … Katja Poensgen with the Indian Scout “Miracle Mike” built by The Young Guns Speed Shop. Congrats.