Motorcycle: Kawasaki Versys 650

Customizer: Motorrad-Höly, RF-Biketech

Rider: Francesca Gasperi


Kawasaki is a synonym for fascinating, powerful motorcycles. The German branch of Kawasaki Motors Europe is raring to go and is determined to uphold this reputation in 2017. Kawasaki will be participating at Essenza – the Essence of Motorcycles with a Versys 650. A turbocharger makes up for the deficit in cubic capacity, and various parts of a Z1000SX are installed, too. Motorrad-Höly GmbH is handling the technical realization while RF-Biketech GmbH offers valuable technical support. So the “Green Team” is optimistic that they’ll be able to keep up with the competition on this one-of-a-kind machine with Supermoto genes. To the team, participating at Essenza isn’t just a job: “It’s pure passion.”


The Essenza sprints are among the highlights of the year for Kawasaki Test Pilot Francesca Gasperi. And she knows what she’s talking about – after all, this Italian lady already competed in the Essenza races for Kawasaki in 2016.


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