Kingston Custom


Motorcycle: BMW R 80 “White Phantom”

Customizer: Kingston Custom

Rider: Dirk Oehlerking


Kingston Custom stands for the design, conception and realization of unique lifestyle bikes. Bon vivant and womanizer Ernst Henne, one of the most successful racers of the 1930’s, was the source of inspiration for the Essenza bike. With these impressions in mind, Dirk Oehlerking of Kingston Custom created his “White Phantom”. The fully clad, intricate motorcycle is based on a 1986 BMW R 80 RT. The 800cc bike is pressurized by a KK26 turbocharger to make it fit for the sprint races. A “Telespringer” fork and the Kingston Custom muffler were crafted in-house and ensure a classic, distinctive appearance as well as solid road grip on the 1/8 mile.


Dirk Oehlerking, Head of the Kingston Custom brand, will reach for the handlebars of the “White Phantom” himself and ride his creation around the race track at full throttle.


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