Motorcycle: Honda GL 500-JPN

Customizer: Motoism

Rider: Felix Weinkauf


“Moto” stands for anything that moves on two wheels, and “ism” stands for the cult behind it all. Put the two together, and you get “Motoism”, a fitting name for the up-and-coming customizing workshop from the Bavarian State Capital of Munich. The Motoism customizers will be heading to the starting line on a Honda GL 500, which they have rebuilt into their own interpretation of a Café Racer. The minimalistic down-to-earth bike pays homage to the motorcycle nation of Japan and will be manufactured as a limited edition. With their heads held high, Benjamin and Lion Ott from Motoism are participating in the races with a standard engine configuration, and are especially optimistic about their chances in the design contest. With a number plate-style frame, a short but sweet rear and chunky studded tires, the 500 cc machine already conveys plenty of dynamism in a stationary position.


On the sprint tracks, Felix Weinkauf from Munich will prove just how much a hardly modified Honda GL 500 can achieve when it is up against a hoard of heavily tuned and turbocharged competitors. The Motoism employee will be the very first racer ever to compete for this young brand.


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