Workhorse Speedshop


Motorcycle: BMW RnineT “Valvoline”

Customizer: Workhorse

Rider: The Black Rider


The Workhorse Speed Shop is based in the backcountry of Belgium. Shop owner Brice Hennebert is specialized in metal shaping and building custom exhaust systems. He will be competing in the sprints at Essenza – The Essence of Motorcycles on his BMW RnineT, which he has transformed into a one-of-a-kind bike bearing the name “Valvoline”. Equipped with an aluminum tank, handcrafted mudguards, an Alcantara seat bench, a stainless steel exhaust silencer and Nitron shocks, the 1200cc machine is both fast and beautiful.


The rider of the “Valvoline” is shrouded in mystery. The legendary “Black Rider” will be competing in the sprints. A distinguished expert of sprint sports lies behind this synonym. But his or her true identity is top secret…


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